Sargam (Malayalam)

Sargam is a delicate and highly musical story told using a subdued emotional palette and a wonderful backdrop of Carnatic music.  The story revolves around two characters, Hari and Kuttan Thamburan, who have grown up very closely right through childhood.  One forms a close bond with the lead female character, Thangamani. Kuttan Thamburan, however, has a recurring problem of fits, and eventually it is advised that he marry Thangamani.  Although the elders are aware of Hari’s love for her, they make their decision and he defers to them out of respect and leaves the village.  Soon after, Kuttan Thamburan learns that he has unintentionally betrayed his friend and commits suicide.  The sight of his body sends Thangamani into a state of trauma for the next several years, after which  Hari returns to visit his home and comes to terms with what has happened.

The basic plot has been before, but the careful treatment and exquisite musical backdrop push this one to the forefront.  Although there is quite a bit of tragic scenes in the film, it doesn’t linger on them and the screen never erupts in family melodrama.  The music is captivating, with both lead singers being of the musical type.  I particularly enjoyed this song below, Andolanam, which is quite heavenly.  A very nice film.


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