Great: Magalir Mattum



Magalir Mattum is a comedy film by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao, who was the director of the evergreen Michael Madana Kama Raja.  It tells the story of three women from different social backgrounds who have to team up against their womanizing boss, played by Nasser, which leads to a whole lot of crazy situations.  There is certainly a novelty factor to a film with three heroines and no important male characters apart from, well, the villain.  But what really makes the movie work is the chemistry between Rohini, Urvashi, and Revathy’s characters, who are all written to fill in each others gaps.  For example, one amusing recurring theme is the way that Rohini and Revathy have a lot more street smarts than Urvashi, but Revathy and Urvashi tend to be more book-smart than Rohini, leading to a lot of misunderstandings.  All three of them also have great comedic timing, especially Urvashi.

Nassar is perfect as the clownish villain you love to hate, and his bumbling around, tied up, when he’s kidnapped by the three girls is great.  I do love that none of the female characters here need to fall in love in order to make the movie palatable (well, apart from a throwaway scene at the end).  I have to wonder how many Tamil, or Indian altogether, films can be named in which the heroines aren’t defined by an association as a lover, or a brother, father, etc.  My only complaint is that I could have done without the songs – they aren’t very good and drag down the pace of this quick-moving movie.



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  1. Based on the American movie, Nine to Five. Dabney Colman played Nasser’s role.


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