Good: Unnai Naan Santhithen

Though this film suffers a bit from over-dramatic scenes towards the end, the beautiful hilly countryside setting and the great music coupled with a generally pleasant story and good cast make it enjoyable.  The plot revolves around two parallel love stories, one between the younger pair of characters and one between an older pair.  Essentially, an estranged husband and wife (Sivakumar and Sujatha) meet each other again by chance through their association with two younger characters who fall in love (Suresh and Revathy).  The older two aren’t quite sure where to pick up their relationship from, especially as it causes various misunderstandings with the younger characters, who don’t know about their past.

The misunderstandings do get a bit theatrical, yes, and the female actors generally do a much better job than Suresh and Sivakumar, but it manages to keep from feeling exaggerated.  A tentative thumbs up on this one.

Did I mention how good the music is?


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  1. Posted by Anbazhagan vijay on November 28, 2015 at 7:48 pm

    Love between two hearts and love between a mother and daughter will undoughtadly bring tears at the end. A movie for understanding human relationships and life. Judicious choice of characters and brilliant plot with beautiful scenary. A must watch movie. Anbazhagan Vijay.


  2. Posted by Ganesh KM on November 29, 2017 at 10:38 am

    i saw this movie when i was around 12 years or so. Now i am 43, and i still remember that i cried at the end. Sujatha is a legend. I never wanted to see the movie again, coz i don’t want to cry again.

    Those days, then movies had very good scope for hero, heroine and side characters also. In these days, all are just over projection of heroism. Women characters are used only to add lust to the movie. Humm!! i wish movie world rolls back to 80s, or atleast 90s.


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