Thenmavin Kombath (Malayalam)



Thenmavin Kombath is the original film which Tamil speakers might recognize as the original source adapted later as a Rajini film, Muthu.  Since the original is not a “superstar film” and doesn’t need to suit any preexisting actor, it’s a better version of the same story.  The film revolves around a love triangle which forms between Sreekrishnan (Nedumudi Venu), his servant Manikyan (Mohanlal), and a drifting drama artiste, Karthumbi (Shobana).  A whole host of misunderstandings and errors in communication lead to a confrontation and falling out of the close friends, eventually leading Sreekrishnan to try and drive Manikyan out of the village.

What made the movie memorable to me was mainly a combination of Mohanal and the imagery.  Boy, what a setting!  Scenes like the cart going through the jungle in Karnataka were wonderful to see.  As for Mohanlal, he really carries the first half of this film, particular in the comedic moments.  When the dust settles and the film takes a more serious note later on, the movie does suffer a little bit when we start following Sreekrishnan more, whose character does not have quite the same charisma.  I also thought Sreekrishnan’s change of heart at the climax could have been built up a little bit better.  At 3 hours length, the film does ask for a lot of patience for a relatively simple story, but the aforementioned attributes keep it from wearing out it’s welcome.  A good recommendation.


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