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Musical Moment: Pachai Nirame

Music, lyrics, and picturization – the three pillars of film songs.  There are more than enough stories of fine songs being ruined with shoddy picturizations.  There are fewer, but still enough, stories of great lyrics being lost in subpar or overpowering music.  Occasionally, though, we get a song where the three elements come together effortlessly and beautifully.  The result is something special indeed.  I’ll focus on one such song in this post: Pachai Nirame (The Colour Green), from Alaipayuthey, circa 2000.  Here’s a rough translation done by yours truly:


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Musical Moment: “Suga Raagame”

Today we examine the half-comedic and half-serious semi-classical song “Suga Raagame” from Kanni Raasi.  The comedy elements of the song (that is, Janagaraj’s character and MV’s imitation singing for him) are amusing when you know the context of the film, but oh, how I wish that there existed a version of this song done properly.  Really, it seems almost wasteful, just like throwing away a diamond, to create such a beautiful melody and song but then have it sung in a mocking comedic manner half of the time.

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