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I’m not typically the type to be interested in “celebrities” beyond their roles.  The exception is that I would call myself a fan of Revathy.  This started out simply when I noticed that a lot of positive female characters I appreciated happened to be played by her.  Eventually I learned about her interest in social causes, and also that she studied Bharatanatyam.  I suppose that finally turned me into a fan.

These days, there will be the odd actress who says they wish to only do roles “like Revathy or Suhasini”, but the path generally changes along the way.  I suppose it’s simply due to the fact that there used to be more of those roles in the 80s and early 90s.

Her website is here ( – the site is pending changes for a while, so see the archive here).  She also has a Facebook group where she participates occasionally (as “Revathy Asha”) as well called “Revathy Fans and Friends (Official)”.

As for my favourite films of hers:

In Tamil: Marupadiyum, Mouna Raagam, Vaidegi Kaathirunthal, Anjali

In Malayalam: Kakkothi Kaavile Appoppan Thaadikal, Devasuram, Agni Devan

As I said before, I’m not really the type of person to engage in “fan activities”, however there is one small task I have a habit of doing, and that is keeping track of various interviews of Revathy I have come across on the internet over time, so I figured I would post them here.

2000 – : Extensive Interview (Rediff)

Around 2001 – : Mitr Interview

Around 2001Extensive Interview Covering Mitr as well as Career

2001 -: Mitr Interview in Michigan

2001 – : Short Answer Interview

2002 -: Extensive Article (The Hindu)

2004 – : Extensive Interview (The Hindu)

2004 – : Phir Melenge Interview

2004 – : More Phir Melenge

2004 – : Phir Melenge and Career Interview

2004 – : Short Article (India Today)

2004 – : Economic Times (Baradwaj Rangan)

2005 – : Extensive Interview (The Hindu)

Unknown Date – : Interview

2006 – : Comments about Sky Jumping

2006 – : Eyeway Interview

2006 – Interview by The Hindu

2006 – : Short Abridged Interview (This Week/Bangalore)

2007Interview by The Hindu

2008 – : Fan ArticleAnother View

2008 – : Vannathu Poochi comments

2008 – : Metrolife Interview

2009 – : Regarding Theatre Performance “Madhav Baug”

2009 -: Short Article in Galatta (Not an interview)

2009 – : Comments and press video regarding Yadhumaagi Nindrai serial

2011  – : The Hindu Interview


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